Folk Viola Sheet Music

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This site is a resource for people who want to play traditional Irish, Scottish and English fiddle tunes on the viola.

I provide pdf sheet music for playing folk viola in a variety of ways.

Traditional Folk Repertoire for Viola

My sheet music for traditional folk tunes allows you to play this repertoire on the viola in various different ways.

1. Solo viola

The tunes are transposed into alto clef and shifted down a fifth, so they fit on the viola in the exact same fingerings as they would on the violin. These can be used to play as solos, or in bands or duos where the viola is the main melody instrument. Chord symbols are provided for all the tunes, for e.g. guitar or piano.

2. Viola versions for playing in sessions

In a session where most people are playing instruments that are not violas (e.g. violins) the tunes will be played in keys that fit easily on the violin, but may not be very viola-friendly. However, it’s possible to join in on the viola if you know where to switch octaves so that they fit on the instrument. To make this easier, I’ve also made “session versions” of the sheet music for traditional tunes, which are in alto clef and in the right octave to fit on the viola comfortably. Some tunes even have two versions that you can choose between, when the tune will work well in multiple octaves.

The solo viola AND session versions of traditional folk tunes are both included in my pack of traditional tunes for viola, so you can play the solo versions in your band or with your accompanist, and the session versions when you’re playing in sessions or in ceilidh bands. All the tunes come with chords. You can get the sheet music for 40 traditional tunes for viola here.

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Viola Duets

40 traditional tunes arranged as viola duets, with the melody played in first position on one viola, and a harmony part played by the other viola. You can get the sheet music for these duets here.

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Violin and Viola Duets

For viola players who want to play an accompaniment or harmony, I have arranged 40 traditional tunes as violin and viola duets. The violin plays the melody, and the viola plays a harmony part. You can get the sheet music for the duets here.

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Viola and Cello Duets

In these duets, the viola plays the melody (transposed down a fifth from the original key, to fit on the viola in first position) and the cello plays a bassline / harmony part.

The viola and cello duets sheet music is here.

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New Folk Viola Compositions

I have published a book of my own original tunes written in the folk tradition, which was composed for viola. The book is called Midnight on Platform 16B, and contains 38 original folk viola compositions.

The download includes two pdfs: one is my full-colour illustrated version with drawings, collages and anecdotes. The other is a plain black and white printer-friendly version.

You can get the pdf download of Midnight on Platform 16B, watch videos and listen to demo recordings here.

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