Midnight on Platform 16B

When I was learning the viola and became interested in folk music as a teenager, I started composing my own folk viola tunes. Over the years I wrote a lot of them, and eventually published them all in a book, Midnight on Platform 16B.

All the tunes were written for viola, and fit on the instrument in first position. They are written in alto clef.

Listen to demo recordings of all the tunes in the player below:

When you buy the digital sheet music, you will get two versions of the book. Both are in pdf format.

The original version of the book is a full-colour illustrated document, with collages, drawings and anecdotes.

I’ve also made a plain black and white, printer-friendly version of all the tunes too, and this is also included.

The book contains 38 tunes.

Get the pdf sheet music here.

Here are some videos of me playing some of the tunes from the book.