Folk Viola and Violin Duets

The viola can be used as an accompaniment instrument in folk music, playing a harmony part while another instrument plays the tune.

I have written viola harmony parts for 40 traditional folk melodies, so that they can be played as violin and viola duets.

The violin parts are written in treble clef in their original key, and the viola parts are written in alto clef. The viola parts all fit on the viola in first position.

The tunes included are the same ones that are in Folk Viola Sheet Music Volume 1, my pack of solo and session tunes for viola.

get the sheet music here

Here is a video of one of the violin and viola duets, "Banish Misfortune".

If you're playing in a larger group, you may be interested in my four part folk arrangements, which have multiple viola parts, but can also be used with various other instruments.