Traditional Tunes for Viola

Folk Viola Sheet Music vol. 1

This is my first pack of digital (pdf) sheet music for traditional tunes for viola. This pack is different from other packs of folk viola music because every tune comes in two versions:

  • A solo version optimised for viola, which you can play by yourself or in a group where you’re the main melody instrument. This version is transposed down a fifth, to fit on the viola using the same fingering that would be used on a violin.
  • A session version that’s for playing with other people (e.g. fiddle players) who will usually play the tune in a different key to the one that’s ideally suited to a viola. This version takes the guess-work out of which octave to play the tune in.

Both versions come with chord symbols, and are written in alto clef. They are all playable in first position on the viola.

get the sheet music here

Here's a video of 'Out on the Ocean' as an example of how it works:

There are 40 tunes included in the pack. They are:

South Wind
The Road to Lisdoonvarna
The Blackthorn Stick
The Rights of Man
The Banshee
The Silver Spear
The Butterfly
St Anne's Reel
Morrison's Jig
The Kesh
Maid Behind the Bar
Swallowtail Jig
The Blarney Pilgrim
Banish Misfortune
Out on the Ocean
Merry Blacksmith
Si Beag Si Mhor
Planxty Hewlett
Fanny Power
Planxty Irwin
Drummond Castle
Tam Lin
Drowsy Maggie
Atholl Highlanders
Cooley’s Reel
Full Rigged Ship
New Rigged Ship
Fairy Dance
Tenpenny Bit
Hole in the Wall
Bear Dance
Three Around Three
Bransle de Chevaux / Horses' Brawl
Boys of Bluehill
Cuckoo’s Nest
Princess Royal
Because He Was a Bonny Lad
Rusty Gully
Morpeth Rant

get the sheet music here