48 Bar Jigs for Viola

This collection of ten tunes was written because over the course of playing with many ceiildh bands, I noticed that there seemed to be a shortage of 48 bar jig tunes relative to the number of dances that required jigs of this length.

I wrote ten new ones, originally to fit the note range of the usual ceilidh-band instruments such as violin, mandolin, accordion, concertina etc., but then several violists asked for the sheet music to be transposed to fit comfortably on the viola. I have obeyed these violists, and produced an alto clef version.

In this viola version, all the tunes have been transposed for viola, and fit on the instrument in first position. They are written in alto clef.

As a bonus, there are also basslines included with the sheet music, so this pack doubles as a set of viola and cello duets.

Hear a sample compilation of all the tunes in the player below. (Here they are played at violin pitch, so for viola they will be a fifth lower.)

The book contains 10 newly composed 48 bar jig tunes.

Get the pdf sheet music here.

Here are some videos of me playing some of these tunes on the viola: