Celtic Viola Sheet Music?

Traditional Music for Viola

This page is here to help some people find what they're looking for!

Most traditional musicians don't describe the music they play as "celtic". Many people consider this term to be a construction by the record industry, which was created in order to provide a broad category that covers the traditional music of [mainly] Ireland and Scotland, and also a large amount of music that carries some influences of this music, but might be heavily diluted by other styles.

People who play traditional music are more likely to refer to it as "traditional" or "folk" music.

However, I realised that "celtic viola sheet music" might be something that a violist who was new to traditional music might type into a search engine, and this is why I made this page for my website.

I have published a collection of traditional tunes from the British Isles, which is optimised for viola. This collection is available as a pdf download which you can print at home.

Some of the tunes in the collection are Irish or Scottish (so you might refer to them as "celtic"), but there are also some English tunes in there too (which would not be called "celtic").

Visit this page to find out more, or...

get the sheet music here

This video explains how this sheet music can be used by violists: